Sarah Devereaux

Head of Strategic Initiatives, The Google School for Leaders, Google

As the Head of Strategic Initiatives for the Google School for Leaders, Sarah and her team are responsible for driving highly strategic, long-term initiatives that are focused on improving the overall experience of Google's leaders with The School. Sarah’s depth of experience in operations, events, user experience, instructional design and facilitation makes her uniquely qualified to lead a team that’s focused on ensuring every experience our leaders have with the Google School for Leaders is exceptional.

Sarah is a proud Michigander and a graduate of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She joined Google in 2006 in the Ann Arbor office, and has spent the majority of her Google career leading teams in the learning and development space. She’s held a variety of positions over the years, including: internal product training, external agency training, certification, evaluation, instructional design and community building. Before joining the Google School for Leaders team, she led a program called "Googlers-to-Googlers," or "g2g," which is a volunteer teaching network that brings learning opportunities to tens of thousands of Google employees around the world, every year. 

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The Secret To Growth And Development, And Just Enough Fun At Work

August 14, 2017 | Sarah Devereaux

Google’s Head of Executive Development Programs, Sarah Devereaux, says the g2g program is 96 percent focused on work-related topics, and the rest is spent on fun, which increases engagement when everyone has something different to share. Continuous learning is a big part of Google’s culture, and Devereaux says there’s a secret to successful internal training. 

Listen to this learning and development podcast to discover the secret behind finding passionate people who can help their team grow.