Rohit Shukla

CEO and Founder, Larta Institute

Rohit, CEO of Larta Institute, is an established thought leader and respected practitioner on innovation, commercialization, and enterprise and technology-led economic development. He has advised governments, multilateral organizations, communities and enterprises throughout the world, creating initiatives that expand entrepreneurship, promote commercialization and enhance the competitiveness of regions across many parts of the globe. In founding and growing Larta Institute to institutionalize the work he has pioneered, he has developed a reputation and expertise in the commercialization of innovations emerging from government-funded initiatives, research institutes, universities and larger companies in the private sector.

Rohit's role in authoring and creating the commercialization assistance program initiatives at major U.S. federal agencies has led to a well-documented increase in sustainable, market-based innovations in the U.S. and has led to his being sought after as an adviser and confidant of governments and private institutions. These include most recently, Malaysia, in addition to Israel, the Middle East, New Zealand, Australia and other countries scattered in Europe and Asia.

Rohit's grasp and command of key issues and concerns in several industries has led to a unique and varied career. He directed a prominent group of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies in the defense electronics and aerospace industries in the U.S., counting among his associates the great Peter Drucker, Bill Perry (who later became the U.S. Secretary of Defense), Malcolm Currie, CEO of Hughes and other luminaries. He created and managed the first “defense adjustment” program derived from policy advice he provided to the Clinton Administration in the early 1990s. He was an entrepreneur himself, founding two companies in the information technology and information processing industries prior to the Internet boom.

Rohit has a Master’s in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge University, England, and a Master’s in Communications Arts and Sciences from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. He speaks to audiences around the world on subjects ranging from commercialization and innovation to globalization and entrepreneurship.

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