Erica Carranza, Ph.D.

VP of Consumer Psychology, Chadwick Martin Bailey

Erica is VP of Consumer Psychology at Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB). She has over ten years of experience leading market research for major brands across a broad range of categories—including clients such as Disney, Viacom, Mattel, Facebook, Prudential and American Express. A PhD social psychologist, Erica applies this expertise to give her clients a unique edge in understanding and engaging their target audiences.

Erica has a B.A. in psychobiology and philosophy from Wellesley College, and a Ph.D. in psychology from Princeton University. Prior to CMB, she led insights research at American Express, where she was a recipient of the CMO Award for Achievement in Excellence. 

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New Research to Elevate and Transform Engagement Efforts

February 21, 2019 | Erica Carranza, Christina Zurek

Explore how tapping in to five critical psychological benefits can provide a framework for sustainable engagement, why wellness and other popular programs aren’t delivering on the promise of employee engagement and where organizations must focus instead, and how organizations can determine the right combination of initiatives to deliver the key psychological benefits that ultimately drive talent retention.