Elaine Page

Visionary. Big Thinker. Inspiration. Possibility-maker. Thought-leader. Risk Taker. Driver. Galvanizer. Globetrotter. Truth seeker.

Elaine’s singular goal has always been to help companies break the norms for what’s possible in the workplace, believing that everyone desires the chance to be part of something meaningful.  That’s why 2018 marked a turning point in her career as she realized stepping out from the “inside” of an organization to create her own company was her true calling.  A chance to make a difference for many, vs just a few.

Taking all she has learned from working closely with Innovators like Tony Robbins, Steven Covey and Ken Blanchard alongside gaining deep experience with storied organizations such as, Pepsico, Dun & Bradstreet and Davita, Elaine has learned from the best CEOs and thought leaders around the world who have supported and nurtured values and mission-centric strategies.

Her ability to galvanize the workforce, build alignment, and generate motivated teams to deliver results, while nurturing the growth of leaders at all levels, enables Elaine to get to the heart of the matter quickly, causing people to have more meaning at work, while focusing manically on results that drive growth. Elaine has proven time and again her strategies and formula for success is unmatched in a sea of mediocre and broken processes that fall flat.

Together with Grace Migliaccio (a fellow visionary), they have launched The Good Trouble Company.  GTC is founded on the belief that honest relationships + the right risks = confidence to act.  GTC focuses on building great cultures, developing great leaders and innovating extraordinary people practices. Come learn more here: https://www.thegoodtroublecompany.com.

Making the impossible possible is what matters most to Elaine as she strives to create new realities for today and tomorrow’s workplaces.

Elaine lives with her family outside New York City and travels extensively for work and fun. To learn more about her experiences and background, check out her linked in profile: linkedin.com/in/elainepage.

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