Dr. Deat LaCour, Ph.D.

Appointed Professor, American University and Dean of Complex Change Management Lab, NTL Institute of Applied Behavioral Science

Dr. LaCour is an international published author and presenter. His latest research-focused work is the book “Diversity Training: Expand on Strengths or Minimize Deficits”. He has collaborated with client-organizations on projects for performance improvement and climate/culture change in Fortune 100 and non-profit systems. He has presented and lectured internationally on group dynamics, organizational behavior and strength-based inclusion. In addition, he is trained in evidence-based executive coaching and employs tools and methods for psychological testing, evaluation, and assessment for planned growth and development.

His expertise includes helping organizations implement applied psychology at work, how to address complex & “wicked” problems related to enterprise-wide transformation, foster cognitive & behavioral shifts for performance improvement, design and implement organizational learning strategies, develop performance measurement tools, and advance data sciences to interpret patterns and trends in “big data”. He is currently working on designing tools and techniques for underperforming inclusion tactics. He has consulted to a variety of information technology, business services, industrial and governmental organizations. Dr. LaCour is a member of the American Psychological Association (SIOP and Division 14), the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology.

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