D’Lynn Jacobs

Intercultural Competency, Diversity & Inclusion Training Specialists, Peace Corps

D’Lynn Jacobs is an Intercultural Competence, Diversity & Inclusion Training Specialist at Peace Corps.  Prior to joining the Intercultural Competence, Diversity and Inclusion Training team (ICD&I) she worked in Peace Corps’ Office of Civil Rights and Diversity. D’Lynn comes to the ICD&I field with a work history and background in education with a particular attention to access and equity.

She has a Masters of Arts in Communications Management and a Masters of Science in Gender and Cultural Studies from Simmons College in Boston, MA.  D’Lynn served in the Peace Corps (2008-2010) in southern Malawi as Community health Volunteer working primarily on projects that advanced gender equity and rights for women and girls.  D’Lynn attended Spelman College, Atlanta, GA, for her Undergraduate degree and attributes her time at her Historically Black College as foundational to her commitment to fostering inclusion through intercultural and diversity and inclusion work. D’Lynn finds peace in creative expression and art of all forms. Her favorite work of art is her partner who she met at Spelman, Chris Royal; they got married in November 2017. D’Lynn is from Dorchester, MA and now lives close to DC with her partner.

Upcoming Conference Sessions Featuring D’Lynn Jacobs


Approaching Differences with Intercultural Competency: The Self-Other-Bridge Model

In this session, participants will be introduced to a three-part framework of approaching difference.  As we go about our lives and work days, we may be exposed to ideas, people, and ways of being that are new or different than our previous experience.  How do we affirm our own values and experiences when engaging with values and experiences that may not align?  The Self-Other-Bridge model empowers individuals to practice a mode of engagement that involves critical self-reflection, perspective-taking, and dynamic collaboration.  By modeling this approach as leaders in the workplace, and encouraging staff to model it as well, we can create work environments that foster intercultural competence and productive engagement across difference.

Participants will:

Explore multiple ways of engaging with difference
Engage with a simple three-part framework that can be applied immediately
Practice applying the framework to a current workplace situation

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