Bill Craib

SVP, Enterprise Learning

Bill Craib is a Senior Faculty Member at the Human Capital Institute and after serving in multiple executive roles over a 12-year tenure at HCI has been the Senior Vice President of Enterprise Learning since 2013. In this capacity, Bill has had the great pleasure to work with dozens of HCI clients to bring Human Capital Institute certifications and learning programs on site. Bill is also the Founder and Managing Principal of Talent Agility Partners, a small consulting firm focused on helping organizations keep up with the pace of change through talent strategies. Bill is a frequent emcee, moderator, and keynote speaker at a variety of industry conferences hosted by HCI as well as other organizations.

Prior to joining the Human Capital Institute in 2005, Bill was a founding member of AIRS, a recruitment training and services company, and was the initial primary author of that organization’s groundbreaking Internet search curriculum. Before finding his way into the world of strategic talent management, Bill Craib was a journalist. A graduate of the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, Bill has worked for a variety of outlets in radio, newspaper, and television including ESPN and the Rocky Mountain News.

When he isn’t traveling, Bill can be found in the hills of Central Vermont with his wife and nine-year-old son.

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Balance Strategies and Tactics to Fill Essential Positions First

We've heard it all before. It's a candidate's market, war for talent, etc etc etc. But the fact is,  hiring is up - in North America and in many markets around the world. The talent acquisition function sits at the awkward intersection of two major challenges. Top talent is harder and harder to find and most recruiters are trying to manage more open positions simultaneously than they ever have before. It is not uncommon for TA professionals to be managing 50, 75 even 100 reqs at the same time. This is not only hard, it is impossible to do well.

The only answer is prioritization. Your company may have 100 positions it is trying to fill, but they are not all equally important. The urgency of the hiring manager, alas, is how we tend to make decisions about where to focus first but this is seldom the best way to do it. Beyond that - we get too fixated on purple squirrels and other multicolored fauna and don't spend enough time really focused on building a ...

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Workforce Planning And The Rest Of The World: Times They Are A-Changin’

October 2, 2017 | Bill Craib

Today’s world is hard to predict and the world at work follows suit. Just when you think you have a plan in place, change instantly does away with that plan and brings about need for a new one. It’s not about coming up with a workforce planning strategy that will work forever; it’s about producing a strategy that can keep up with the environment’s rapidly changing ways.