Andrew Reitmeyer

Associate Director, Engagement and Retention (E&R) Office, Internal Revenue Service

Andrew (Andy) Reitmeyer currently serves as the Associate Director, Engagement and Retention (E&R) Office, Internal Revenue Service. As Associate Director, he is responsible for developing and implementing engagement strategies for all IRS employees and business units. He has been part of the IRS Engagement and Retention office since its inception in 2014. Andy began his IRS service in 2003 as a Revenue Officer and in his fifteen years with IRS he’s held domestic and international senior leadership positions in Services & Enforcement and Operations Support.

Andy earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Point Park University, a Juris Doctor from Taft University and a Certificate in Executive Leadership from Cornell University. In addition, he has a French Language Diploma from the French Ministry of Education. Andy is a graduate of the 2014 IRS Executive Readiness Program.

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The Best Employee Experience Starts at Hiring, Sets the Tone for Retention

April 23, 2019 | Andrew Reitmeyer

Employees today need connection to their mission, leadership and peers during every stage of their career. Enhancing the work experience through communication and engaging actions increases the likelihood they will remain with their organization. These efforts begin the moment an employee is hired and must be continually reinforced throughout their career.