The Debilitating Pain our Employees Don’t Want to Tell Us About (and How It Harms Them and Us) - Register in Advance!


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Recent research suggests that a large percentage of our employees experience either financial stress, relationship stress, or both. While the numbers of those suffering from these forms of stress have already reached epidemic proportions, data suggests that this problem has actually been getting worse over the last few years (especially for Millennials and Post-Millennials).  Further, since few employees are able to effectively “check their stress at the door,” this stress has a profound impact on the engagement and satisfaction of our employees.

Robert Stewart uses his unusual background (HR professional and social scientist), to provide an intriguing “out of the box” perspective on these contemporary employee challenges. In this interactive roundtable, he will lead a discussion regarding the importance of helping our employees reduce their “at home” stress in order to improve their “at work” engagement. Finally, Robert will share some strategies that can help companies create a game plan to reduce the financial and relational stress within their respective organizations.

You will learn:

  • How this stress not only impacts the health and happiness of our employees, but how costly is also is to our organizations
  • Why these forms of stress are often “invisible” to supervisors and colleagues and how we can change our culture so employees no longer suffer in silence
  • How to combat these problems with effective (but largely unused) social science solutions

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Robert Stewart, Ph.D.

HR Administrator and Faculty, Brigham Young University Idaho