Engagement in the Midst of Transformation: The Importance of Leadership Capability as a Lever for Success


While engagement is an on-going organizational imperative, the real test occurs during times of uncertainty and change. Intentional decisions to evolve or transform strategy, culture, and operations, offer fresh opportunities to maintain and ideally spark a new level of engagement. Under those scenarios, engagement strategies require capable leaders to motivate and inspire teams through the process. Yet, often these efforts fall short or fail as leaders were unprepared to navigate the dynamics of change and its direct impact on engagement.

The United Stated Golf Association (USGA) is currently living that experience.  As a 124-year-old mission and values-driven organization, serving a game five times as old, we are undergoing a rapid, but intentional transformation to influence the next generation of golfer, golf facility, and fan. To ensure a vital future, we are thinking and acting differently, cultivating a more open-minded approach, and are far more collaborative and proactive. A key factor is our time and investment to ensure that all staff members, from our CEO on down, are more agile and resilient. We have accepted the challenge to be a smarter, non-profit organization, balancing history and tradition with our role as leader and steward of the game using modern approaches to engage customers.

This session explores one element of our journey, namely our Leading with Impact (LwI) Program, a 15-month experience developed for key leaders in the organization to personally and professionally prepare themselves, each other and their teams for the future we are creating.

You will learn:

  • The key tenets and processes of the Leading with Impact leadership program
  • The learning outcomes, their impact, and the value of business influenced capstone projects
  • How “Leading with Impact” and our parallel incentive structure, called ICP, has improved staff engagement and alignment


  • Tools for non-profits to train leaders to engage and lead with Impact
  • New ideas for incentive structures that improves engagement and alignment
  • Strategies to help all staff members become more agile and resilient

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Steve Schloss

Chief People Officer, United States Golf Association (USGA)