Increasing Employee Retention through Recognition and Reward


Continuous recognition from managers and peers is a proven contributor to higher levels of employee engagement and productivity. And yet, 54% of employees don’t feel their boss does enough to appreciate them. Showing your employees you care isn't a “nice-to-have,” it’s a must have for your people, and for your business.  Employee recognition should be sent by more than managers and leadership – peer-to-peer recognition is an important building block in creating a culture of continuous recognition across all levels of the organization.  Learn how to let the entire company celebrate moments of continuous employee recognition by bringing them into the limelight with social recognition.
You will learn:

  • How to define your employee recognition strategy to create the biggest impact for your workforce
  • How to make key recognition initiative decisions to kick off or enhance current R&R programs
  • How to shine a light on your program to increase participation and adoption


  • Recognition tools that celebrate reasons to spotlight employees for excellent service
  • Tools for changing behavior and culture based on what is rewarded and valued in your organization


Debra Corey

Global Head of Engagement, Reward Gateway