Fearless Leadership Coaching: Bold and Brave Strategies for Retention


You need your leaders to craft and deliver an environment where employees can be engaged, work smart, work creatively and to collaborate with purpose. Yet, you continually run into the same old workplace conventions and dysfunction that makes doing so an incredible task. In a sense, culture has eaten your strategy for lunch once again!

Business is tough and being empathetic, creative, and high performing talent magnets are harder (that’s the comedy part). We give you and your team the tools to work through, past and beyond the barriers that we face each working day (that’s the improvisation part) - to make working not such hard work.

To help you build fresh leader capabilities to engage the workforce we will demonstrate how you can create sustainable leader development… with ideas that work and that they actually like!  Learn simple, evidence-based techniques that will empower leaders to increase engagement, transform culture, break down barriers, foster collaboration and thrive.  That’s right! We are talking about root cause analysis, continuous improvement, and change management.

In this energetic 70-minute session hosted by Second City and TNS, you will enjoy interactive opportunities to collaborate with other participants and industry experts.

You will learn:

  • How to empower leaders with communication strategies that retain and attract top talent, develop a stronger customer base, and change everything with a magnetic culture.
  • Tips leaders can use to leverage data and empathy to connect with employees in new ways.
  • How to develop and practice a new skill set to grow the comfort zone for your leaders.
  • How to combine science and fun for fresh approaches to classics like root cause analysis.
  • The code to perfect, simple, continuous improvement strategies for managers to transparently drive sustainable engagement.
  • The tools and help you create a plan to eliminate those chronic pain points for good!


  • Science based fun tools that transform culture, foster collaboration, and increase engagement
  • Improv tools your managers can use immediately to better connect and engage their teams

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Rachel Miller

Workshop Facilitator, Second City Works

Michael J. Schroeder

CEO, Kantar TNS Employee Insights

Tyler Dean Kempf

Improviser, Writer and Director, Second City Works