Taking Action Before It's Too Late: Building a Practice of Meaningful Conversations


Feedback is a gift. It fuels growth. Leaders who turn feedback into regular conversations — candid, mutually supportive, productive discussions — about engagement and performance lead their teams and organizations from good to great. These leaders create environments where people feel valued, aligned, and committed to the organization.

Why don’t more managers maintain a practice of meaningful conversations?

In this interactive workshop, led by organizational development expert Justin Black, you’ll learn how to help your managers create team environments where high-quality, on-demand conversations are the norm rather than the exception. Justin will share case studies and a step-by-step plan for designing an effective transformation strategy to help you lead your organization from “listening” to “growing and winning.” Participants will use that framework and the support of their table-mates to sketch out a customized conversations plan for your organization.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to design and build an effective transformation strategy to inform when and how you change conversation habits and measurement approaches
  • How to effectively use a combination of technology and training to help managers facilitate frequent conversations
  • How to help your people love their jobs by building, scaling, and reinforcing the right conversations habits


  • Design tools to blueprint a system of frequent conversations
  • Training tools for managers in connecting and communicating with team members
  • Development tools that help managers set career and business goals

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Workshop Facilitators

Justin Black

Senior Director of Organizational Development Science, Glint

Chad L. Bennett

Senior Consultant of People Science, Glint