Effective Teams

Build high-performing teams to achieve the best possible outcomes

Today’s workforce is filled with teams that must perform efficiently together, and team members are often located across multiple regions. Learn how to identify employees that will contribute to a high-performing team, recognize what communication techniques support knowledge sharing and collaboration, and discover ways to support managers and teams to achieve the highest possible outcomes.

Strategic HR Business Partner (sHRBP) Certification

Build credibility as an HR leader that influences, impacts and advances your business.

The most effective HR professionals today possess an entirely new set of competencies, HCI’s course builds the financial acumen and consulting skills necessary for you to have a meaningful impact on the future of the business.

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Effective Goal Alignment & Management

May 8, 2018 | Atiim

Goal alignment and management should be a priority for companies of all sizes and industries, but they are particularly critical for start-ups and developing midmarket companies, since it’s easy for employees to become overextended within ...

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Learned Team Hopefulness: Subtle Shifts Lead to Powerful Possibilities

April 23, 2018 | Ben Bratt | HCI

It’s a defining moment when team members begin to sense that they have far more control over events than they previously realized; that they aren’t hostages of any situation or history; that collectively they have substantial capability to shape their world. They can see alternative futures, and they’re about to claim positive ownership of something powerful, no matter how small.

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Using People Analytics to Make Better Teams

March 6, 2018 | Brian Ong

The workplace starts with a culture that brings meaning to people of Google and their work, and that culture is reinforced with people-centered, data-driven decision making.

Google’s people analytics team has researched over the years ...

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Ongoing Performance Review Tips

January 3, 2018 | Atiim

In this guide, you'll find actionable, useful techniques you can use to take performance review from an annual event to an ongoing approach to be an effective manager with a team of high performers.

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Introduction To Modern Performance Management

January 3, 2018 | Atiim

This guide provides an overview of the best practices for modern performance management, as well as some specific tactics you can utilize in your organization to create an effective, productive team that's driven by excellence and aggressive ...

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Effective Team Leadership Assessment

December 20, 2017 | Human Capital Institute

Teams need three things in order to perform well:

They need to be intentionally designed: They must have clear goals, and include team members with relevant hard and soft skills.
The team members need to interact well: Teams require ...

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Strategic HR Business Partner (sHRBP) Certification

Enroll Now: Strategic HR Business Partner Certification Program

The conversation about HR having “a seat at the table” is over. Human Resources is a critical business function, and a true HR Business Partner who serves as a skilled business advisor and leader is critical to ensuring success. Equip yourself with the skills you need to advance your business.

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Oct 29-31, 2018 | 11:45AM-8:00PM EDT
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Strategic HR Business Partner (sHRBP) Certification

Take your career to the next level.

Build the financial acumen and consulting skills you need to influence and impact.

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