A Spotless Approach to Employee Experiences that Brushes up Retention, Revenue

August 16, 2019 | Achievers | HCI
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There’s an approach to making business better that many managers fail to take: paying attention to the lives of their employees.

Not just their employees; but what’s actually happening in their lives, what they value most, what struggles they’re facing, and what big stressors they deal with outside of work.

Mary Miller is the CEO and owner of Cincinnati-based JANCOA, a janitorial services company like none of its kind. For starters, JANCOA doubled its revenues from 2012-2016 with no sales team in sight, as Miller told Inc.com.

JANCOA cleans more commercial office space in Greater Cincinnati than any other company - more than 18 million square feet each night.

With more than 500 full-time employees and zero salespeople, the company’s approach to growing its business is rare.

Its leaders have unique relationships with their people and by fostering a remarkable employee experience, JANCOA gains what’s needed -- dedicated, loyal employees -- to sustain and grow its success. Employees stay with JANCOA because the company helps them reach their biggest personal goals, and because they’re working toward something meaningful rather than just “going through the motions, your efficiencies increase and so does your profitability,” Mary told the publication.

In its ‘Culture of Caring,’ JANCOA unleashes the passions and dreams of its people, which in turn engages people in achieving the business’s highest ambitions. It’s an energy that draws customers and employees, and sparks innovation.

Since the start if its growth in 1994, Miller said JANCOA’s leaders realized that “it became less about what we can do to be more profitable and more about how we can improve our employees’ lives.” Miller and fellow JANCOA leaders have helped handfuls of employees buy their first home, funded and backed literacy and language programs, and even helped employees recognize their true passion and pursue it (even if that meant leaving JANCOA for another company), according to Inc.com.

“Nobody dreams of being a janitor,” Miller told the publication, “so we asked people to give us their best for three to five years. And we promised to improve their quality of life.”

Managers that fail to acknowledge their employees are doing employee engagement terribly wrong. Empowerment and motivation start with recognizing what employees do well. Taking it a step further by focusing on employees’ lives is a catalyst for the best employee experiences that is a must for retention and business success today.

By truly caring about your people’s big goals and challenges they might face, leaders can best understand what matters most to their workforce, provide employees with resources and tools, and support them in doing their best work each day.

Mary Miller will share her latest knowledge employees’ quality of life, retention, and its impact on the quality of the business in a webcast scheduled for Aug. 21, 2-3 p.m. EDT. The webcast is free to attend, and registration can be completed online.

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