The “Best” Workplaces Can’t Compete with The Optimized Culture

May 17, 2019 | Achievers | HCI
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Work-life balance is one of those buzzwords that’s been around long enough to take on quite the range of meaning and interpretation, so focusing on the newest sense of balance could make or break employee engagement within the company, as well as the organizational wins up for grabs now and in the future.

The challenge is no longer establishing and maintaining work-life balance for employees, but instead, determining effective ways to integrate the latest work-life balance trends into current practices and be open to new possibilities that can come from simply trying something new.

Take work-life integration, for instance. Experts say allowing employees to incorporate work into their lives, and even work when they want to, is a sure bet for employee engagement success.

The customary 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. is out. Working when the body and mind are most awake is in, according to The New York Times.  The report cites findings from Dr. Celine Vetter of the University of Colorado, including the fact that a whopping 80 percent of employees work schedules that clash with their natural, internal clocks.

“Emerging science reveals that each of us has an optimal time to fall asleep and wake up,” The Times says. “When you don’t sleep at the time your body wants to sleep, you don’t sleep as well or as long, setting the stage for fatigue, poor work performance and errors but also health problems ranging from heart disease and obesity to anxiety and depression.”

Other ways to encourage a culture that fosters a healthy work-life balance in the workplace include helping with childcare and making sure employees take all of their paid leave according to Achievers Employee Engagement Blog, 12 Ways to Improve Your Workforce’s Work-Life Balance.

Rolling out the must-have arts of an optimized work-life balance will deliver your organization to a place of unparalleled professional practice and unstoppable motivation, all which contribute to the optimized culture behind organizational accomplishments and success.

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